Sunday, October 3, 2010

High School Friends

My 15 year high school reunion is coming up (yeah you do the math on my age), but prior to that Kludgy Mom has a homework assignment that I need to get out of the way. The assignment is to feature one of our followers and talk about how fabulous they are.

In honor of my reunion, I'd like to present you, not one, but two followers! Yes, two for the price of one! The reason why I chose these two was because they reminded me of friends that I would have had in high school. Of course, the present day me likes them also!

Behind door number 1 is Maureen from Tatter Scoops.

Maureen would be the exotic foreign exchange student from Jakarta. After a few weeks of sitting next to her in algebra class, you discover this gal is pretty smart and it'd be in your best interest to introduce yourself to her. After a few sessions of her schooling you, you realize there's more to her than just smarts. You end up spending plenty of time hanging out with her and talking about life in Jakarta and boys!

Behind door number 2 is Pop from Go, Pop, Go!

Pop would be my best guy friend in high school. You know, the guy that you grew up with, so you could never really think of him like that. Your family would have his family over for BBQs. The guy your mom wished you would end up, but you're too preoccupied with either the QB of the football team, the bad boy, or Mr. Best Looking. He's funny and he shares his life's experiences, so us gals can get the guys perspective.

There you have it, a few of the people who I would allow to enter my personal circle. Check them out and tell them MamaOnDaGo sent you.

Now it's your turn, tell me about a blogger or bloggers that you picture yourself being friends with.


  1.'re so creative. I totally love the way your mind works ;) Although I'm not that smart lol thanks again, girl I am so honored!

  2. Btw, since numbers are my biggest weakness, I'll be so proud that you are sitting next to me on algebra ;)

  3. Maureen is the best :)
    And I just learned about Pop, whom I am now also following on Twitter!

    Thanks for sharing, what a fun approach. Very creative!

  4. I am so far behind in #b2sb2b but this was great!

    And what in the world?! It's like you know me! "the QB of the football team, the bad boy, or Mr. Best Looking" - I was none of those things and in fact, I often became the gay/platonic best friend.

  5. This is such a cool idea!! I love how you did this! And you picked two of my fav bloggers, too ;)

  6. I thought your post said Pop was the guy you "threw up with", not "grew up with."

    I'm tired. LOL.

    Good choices, they're two of my favorite bloggers.

  7. Just left Go Pop Go a comment. You did a great job of thanking your readers. Both great picks!