Friday, September 24, 2010

Disneyland: The Real Deal

This post started off kind of sappy and sweet. It was going to be Disneyland through the eyes of my children. I actually deleted it and decided to do something else. I wanted to write about the flip side of the Disney experience. My point-of-view. All unedited and straight from the heart.

First of all, it took H and I a couple of months to even decide on a date to take the kids to Disneyland. We're both juggling full-time careers. After months of negotiating, we decided it was going to be Monday, September 20.

Why this date you ask?

We figured most children would be back in school. Considering it was a Monday, we thought people would be headed back to work. Also, it happened to be the only day H and I could agree upon. Of course, the stars, the moon, our horoscopes said it'd be a fine day to go.

How much are tickets?

The 3 year olds ticket ran a hefty $68. H & I were $76 each. This is for one park, one day. You do the math.  Luckily, the 1 year old was free.

Gees, does anyone work any more?

I thought we were in a recession. I realize that the unemployment rate is high, but I didn't think Disneyland was on the Top 10 Things To Do While You're Looking For A Job.

If you are a kid on vacation, shouldn't you be reading or doing some extra credit project in the library? 

First of all, I can't believe there are that many children who do not go to school. Not every child there was a baby or toddler either. Yes, I did hear some accents. I must admit, I'm not an expert in the world's schools systems, so these children were excused. Other children in the world are entitled to enjoy Disneyland.

Why do the shuttle drivers make us take down the strollers?

This was definitely on my top 10 pet peeve of the day.

Seriously Disneyland, do you really expect us to not only care for our children and their 5,000 pounds of equipment, but you want me to fold up the stroller too? 

Like many parents, my stroller not only transports the kids, but it acts as a storage device. I don't know what type of stroller the rest of you have, but I have to empty out the undercarriage to fold up the stroller.

Let's just say I looked like a circus act trying to balance the kids and the equipment. I left H outside to battle folding up the stroller, carrying it in the shuttle, and finding a spot for it so it wouldn't injure anyone.

I haven't even mentioned doing the circus act in reverse.

Nourishment and Hydration?

Forget about packing a lunch and going back to the car to eat it. The whole shuttle experience is crazy. Although I did pack some snacks and drinks, it was part of the 5,000 pounds of equipment, we needed to eat. I won't even tell you how much, but it was going to be our only big meal of the day. Luckily it consisted of fried food, so it'd sustain us until we left the park.

It was also Chubs' first time in the Magic Kingdom. He's 1. Although he seemed amazed by the wonderful sights and sounds of the park, he would have been just as content playing in the neighborhood park. He enjoyed the rides, but was a total animal waiting in line. For the first few rides, he was a total angel. Then the novelty of it wore off and it was a wrangling war. Disneyland all of a sudden felt like the Danger Zone.

Princess Ninja, who is 3, was so amazed and thrilled about the whole experience. She's finally tall enough to drive a car in Autopia. I'm still suffering from whiplash. 

Would I do it again? 

Yes, in a heartbeat. Regardless of the stress a trip like this can create, I know I'm going to look back at the pictures and remember what fun the kids had. Of course, memories are priceless. Unfortunately, Disney doesn't take memories as a line of credit, so let me start saving money for the next trip now. 


  1. The stroller fold up is a real pain in the neck! I am annoyed just at Six Flags when I have to do it. It is very expensive to go there and I guess one has to plan in a few extra hundred for that alone. We have not gone yet, but would love to one day. I am glad you had a great trip even though it was expensive and some work. Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  2. i've been to disney exactly once. i was 24 and with my fiance. I watched all the families basically throwing money around at the souvey's, food/drink and strollers. Not sure if I'll take my kids, to be honest. I'll let gram & gramps do it. While i stay home and sleep.

  3. Hahaha! "I didn't think Disneyland was on the Top 10 Things To Do While You're Looking For A Job" - still laughing about that one! I am so glad you at least had a fun Disneyland for the cost of it. My experience wasn't so, well, fun.

  4. LOL! Too bad memories can't count as lines of credit. And I agree with Mommakiss - I think I'll let the grandparents take 'em.

  5. It's great that you guys had fun. Disney is ALWAYS crowded. Last time we went, it was the day before Thanksgiving. I truly thought it wouldn't be that crowded. Wrong!

  6. The stroller folding is ridiculous. You have to do that on the train at my zoo, which is why we've ridden the train only one time ever.

    I'm not sure if your post made me excited or scared to take my kids to Disney. I do know that my husband can never read it, because he's already on the fence about it!

  7. Hey Mama, thank you for the sweet comment! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen