Thursday, September 16, 2010

Friday Flip-Off

Everyday life is just so damn busy. Right from the very second of waking up to the bitter end of the day, it's just a constant go, go, go. Usually that very second of waking up is started off by the uninviting sound of any of the following: 

Mama, are you awake?
Good Morning!
Mama, Mama!!!!

Regardless of which morning wake-up call is used my eyes are still closed and my mouth is still open from exhaustion. 

What exactly am I flipping off here? I guess not being able to really feel like I'm taking the time to enjoy life and to enjoy my children.

To time: For going by way too fast and making me feel like I need to fill so much in such a short 24 hour period. I sometimes feel robbed of truly enjoying my babies. You're taking them away from me far faster than I'd like. I want to be able to stop, smell and appreciate what is out there. Did I mention you're aging me faster than I'd like also? Stop it already!

Thank you to MommaKiss for hosting since Gigi is busy.


  1. So true! My little girl started dance this week, and suddenly she is this child and not my baby. Who took my baby??!!

  2. I've flipped off Father Time once or twice. I just want to bottle it up. The good moments, of course :p. Thx for linking!

  3. Not to mention time goes waaaayyyy....tooooo...slooooow when you don't want it too.

  4. um yeah... it seems like just yesterday i was 25 and now here i am 32.. WTH?!? slow down!!! lol

  5. See, I know how we can solve this problem: we need to create a 27 hour day. Whaddya think? You with me on this sista-friend!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and making me feel better with your sweetness. YOU always make me smile! xoxox