Thursday, September 2, 2010

Friday Flip-offs

I realize that I am very, very blessed. I really don't have much to complain about. At least I shouldn't be complaining. Complaints,  pet peeves, aggression are what Friday Flip-offs are all about, isn't it? A neutral place where we all can just let it go and not be judged for that one brief moment. We aren't always looking for answers or advice, we just want a place to vent, so we can continue on our merry way. So here it is.

To zits: Actually it's one large zit that is composed of 3 little zits. No, one little zit is not enough. It decided that it wanted to have a menage a trois. Yes, I had to Google how to spell this. I hope H doesn't find it on the computer's history and get any ideas. There, on the right corner of my chin, lays a zit orgy. When will this sign of hormonal imbalance end? I can understand if I was a spunky, hormone crazed teenager, but I'm in my 30s people!!!! 30s! No amount of concealer is hiding this either!

To cancer: It's shown its evilness twice this year. My uncle will be undergoing his bone marrow transplant next week after being diagnosed earlier this year. Just last week, I found out my friend EM's mom is also undergoing a battle with breast cancer. Cancer has shown up in my family's life in the past and it continues to show up uninvited. Please say a prayer and hope that cancer will get the message that it is not welcome anywhere!

Friday Flip-offs is being hosted by MommaKiss. Kludgy Mom is handling some business that you are all  welcome to check out. In the mean time, please join us for a moment of venting. 


  1. Funny - I'm flipping off zits this week too! And LOL about H. I wonder if a few months down the line, he'll say, " know, a few months back, you were searching for something on the web...and you know...just curious..."

    And totally FLIPPING cancer off with you!

  2. Seriously - the zits?! I have some on my back and chest. Saw a derm just b/c I was so annoyed. Showed up late in life, eh? Cancer. Well F Cancer. For real.

  3. Zits, oh my gosh. Tell me.

    Cancer can kiss my @$$.

  4. Someone once told me human semen was good for zits. No, I don't believe it either...

  5. Cancer always shows up uninvited - hate it! As for the zits - they too show up uninvited. Hope things go well for your uncle and friend