Monday, September 27, 2010

Souvenirs From Hawaii

I want a vacation! I need a vacation! I want to lay on the sand, soak in skin cancer the sun (wearing appropriate SPF, of course), let the cool breeze toss my hair around as the sound of the ocean waves calm my inner being. 

When was the last time you went on a vacation? 

The last time I went on vacation was over 2 years ago!!!! H & I decided we needed a getaway. Not to mention, we were approaching our 5 year wedding anniversary. We wanted to celebrate.

Back then we only had Princess Ninja who was a little over a year old. We purchased all sorts of things that were meant to keep her busy for the never ending 4 hour plane ride. We bought various DVDs, coloring books, crayons, snacks. I was packing so much stuff in my carry-on to keep her entertained there was barely room for my wallet and lip gloss.

I even went so far as to purchase Benadryl. Yes, I was prepared to medicate my child if she turned into the Hulk. I know some of you out there are shaking your head and pointing your middle index finger at me.  Hey, don't judge!

As far as the Benadryl went, I did a test run a few days prior. It worked like a charm. Princess Ninja had a lovely evening. She woke up happy as a clam the next morning.                                              

For those of you shaking, pointing, and judging, you'll be happy to know the Benadryl didn't work. Just look at the above pictures. Does that look like a sleeping child? There are you happy?

Looking back at the pictures, it reminded me of a great family vacation. 

Oh, did I mention, 9 months later Chubs was born!
 We brought home one of the greatest souvenirs ever!


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  1. souvenir ever! Now I understand why it's been so long since your last vacation. It's so hard to get away with two young ones in tow.

    I hope you get your vacation soon. Mamas need some R&R. Don't worry...I didn't judge :)

  2. Such a precious and cute souvenir for sure! :D Love all the pictures and oh btw, Benadryl only makes my son goes hype all night long so that doesn't work too LOL.
    Hopefully you'll get your vacay soon, girl! :D

  3. Awww, that is TOO cute! Especially love the chubby pic in her bikini. I told my wife that D1 is only allowed to wear bikinis and backless dresses at this age. :-P

  4. Hi, I found your blog on Confessions of a Dr. Mom and am now following. What a precious souvenier indeed! We brought our Lil' Lewie to the Bahamas this year and tried Benadryl too. It didn't work for us either...Let's just say that it was a long three hours with our then almost two year-old. I love your blog. Have a great day!

  5. Thanks for the follow on Mommy Rantings ( Did you say Hawaii? I need a vacation, too!

    I'm following you back! (Love your souvenir!)

  6. I loved this post!! It made me laugh and then warmed my heart when I saw that it ended with a little precious baby!! Too cute- thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh I love your souvenir. I would never judge you! I am sure she would be happier and you would be happier. I am all about doing the best thing for your family.
    I am with you - I so need a REAL VACATION!!!

    I am a new follower

  8. That's the dirtiest, cutest thing I've read today! Too fun!

  9. What lovely & priceless 'souvenir'!

    I hope that your holiday wish will be granted soon. All mummies deserve a HOLIDAY :)

  10. Ha, I may have been one of those overly cautious mommy's pointing my finger before I had 2 children, lol! My mom would always tells me give the kid some benadryl and we argued. Of course, she's always right.

    Love your souvenir!

  11. your blog is adorable! Thanks for finding mine so I could find yours!

  12. What a great vacation gift! Love your post and comments about the benadryl.

  13. Best souvenir ever and totally adorable post! You make such beautiful babies, time to take another vacay my friend!

  14. I love that you came home with a baby in your belly. He is darling! Thanks for sharing such great moments from your family vacation. It looks like you guys had a blast.

  15. Hi,
    he is so adorable...Glad to here that...It is indeed the greatest souvenir for you from the Lord! Praise Lord!

  16. Love the souvenir :)

    Also, I am not pointing fingers about the Benedryl, but I am terrified to try that experiment. My kids seem to do the opposite of traditional reactions. Example, I always heard that kids sleep all day after vaccinations. Not true for mine, they are little bundles of energy! I worry Benedryl would have the same effect :(