Friday, July 30, 2010


Preschool! The educational foundation that every child builds upon. It's the first brick that will help build and determine how successful your child will be in the future. Ivy league college or permanent fixture on Mama's couch? The pressure!

Does any of that sound familiar?

No one ever told me that finding and getting into a top preschool was like applying for college. First of all, the choices out there was mind blowing: Montessori, private school, public school (which you still pay for by the way).

Research had to be done: student-teacher ratio, parent volunteering requirements, comments and recommendations by other parents, awards, licenses, tuition, waiting list.

Waiting lists! Yes, there are waiting lists to get into preschool! Really?!?! Yes! Some so-called top notch preschools have waiting lists so long you can be waiting years.

I later find out there is also an interview. Someone wants to interview my 3 year old daughter. What exactly are you going to ask her? I can tell you she barely listens to her parents. Good luck in trying to interview her. Great, we may not get into a preschool.

The interview isn't just the 3 year old. It's a family interview. What exactly do you want to know about the family? Is there a criminal background check involved as well? Great, we may not get into a preschool.

We actually had to decide on our top 4 preschools. Like I mentioned, it's like applying to college. In case, you didn't get into your #1 choice, you want to have back-ups.

Did I mention application fees? These were not cheap either. We're talking triple digits. Non-refundable. They made that very clear.

After all of that, there are deadlines to meet. Make sure the paperwork is completed and handed in by this date. Your child will not be a candidate if all necessary paperwork is not completed and turned in by said date. Interviews had to be completed by this day. Letters and notifications of acceptance will be mailed out on this date.

Well, those dates were marked and circled on the calendar. We waited and waited. Is it like college? Thick envelope is good. Thin envelope is the letter of doom.

Luckily, our top 4 choices for preschools had their notifications being sent out during the same week. In that one week, Princess Ninja's entire future will be determined. Can I get any more dramatic with this?

At the end of this whole process, Princess Ninja was able to get into choice 1 & 2 for preschool. We ultimately decided to accept the offer for our #1 choice. Obvious, right?

Preparations have already began for the first day of preschool. I'm sure there will be posts about this. Prepare yourselves for crying and an emotional wreck.


  1. Phew! Glad you got your first choice. I think I need a glass of wine after all that.....!

  2. Oh my gosh I know, so trying. Bet you're glad this is over, I know I was! Best of luck in preschool, to new beginnings!

  3. Wow...I dread the day I have to find a preschool for my little one...although I am looking at the church preschool down the street. At least it is convenient!

  4. Oh my goodness ladies, dry your tears quickly and enjoy the freedom, 'cause those 3hours go by before you know it, more freedom till the next preschool day!
    To new beginnings indeed! Think of all the time you'll have to blogging!