Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Busy, Busy, Stress, Stress, Gross, Gross!

The last few weeks have been filled with a lot of changes for the entire family. Actually, it's been the first half of 2010 that's been filled with change, both good and bad. I am hoping and praying the second half of 2010 will be filled with much happier things. Although it's entirely too early to determine if things are taking a turn, the last few weeks have been extremely stressful. It's forced Hubs and I to focus our energy into other things, mainly relocating. With that said, family QT has dwindled and become almost none existent. Aside from the few hours spent at the fair, I'm surprised we all recognize each other.

Another example is the great meals I've been serving the kids. From late night drive thrus to various fast food joints to those great microwave mac and cheese bowls. The kids and I have been filling ourselves with preservatives, grease, and mystery ingredients up the ying-yang. If you need another example of a drive thru horror story click here. Can I also add that both kids have the runs? Too much grease?!

If I can figure out which box holds our kitchen pots and pans, perhaps I can whip up something. Never mind the fact that the fridge contains milk, orange juice, yogurt, and eggs. Let's see if someone from the Food Network can make something edible with those ingredients. British buff guy from Mission Impossible, I'm challenging you!

Yes, the last few weeks have made me an emotional eater. French fries and Pinkberry seem to be my comfort food. The gym sessions have been non-existent the last couple of weeks and have been replaced with sorting through odds and ends and packing. How much crap can one household have? Gees!

Let's talk about personal hygiene now. I am proud to say that this is one thing I have not let slip through the cracks entirely. I have managed to wash my hair every 2-3 days...maybe 4. I have discovered a nice little product that my sister introduced me to. The hair accessories I have on my hair is a direct indication of how many days have passed since the last washing. For example, freshly washed hair will be worn down. Day 2: pony tail. Day 3: pony tail and clip. Day 4: pony tail, clip, and headband. Maybe if the hair doesn't touch my face, I can go another day. Let's not continue. From there it just gets plain gross.

Showers have been a record 20 seconds. Luckily, I developed skills from when my children were newborns that have come in handy. You can save time by shampooing your hair and letting the suds run down your body as you scrub. No need to soap! If you use extra conditioner on your hair and let it run down as you rinse, you've moisturized your skin need for lotion.

As if my laundry room was not a complete disaster to begin with, I am proud to say that I managed to wash and dry all the clothes prior to the big relocation. These clothes were literally thrown into black garbage bags. No sorting or folding of any kind. I literally have to dig into the garbage bags to find clean clothes for everyone. These garbage bags full of clothes are decorating my bedroom. This is only one side of the room. Heaven forbid I give you a full 360 view. All I can say is lovely!

Today, I managed to get a few things done. My main goal today was to hang out with the kids. The few moments I have had with them during the last few weeks was when I would pick them up after work and get them ready for bed. Sad!

I did manage to hang out as the cable guy installed our cable and internet. Give me some credit. It's one more thing to check off the list. At least now I can post about my experiences. My eyes were starting to hurt reading things off of my Iphone.

Here's a picture of the classy ensemble that greeted the cable guy.

Yes, that is a Thunder Cats t-shirt complete with plaid bottoms. Don't hate. At least I my eyes, I do. If only I owned a Voltron shirt too. Am I the only one that remembers these cartoons?

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  1. OMG! This is a hysterical post! Thanks for directing me over here! Rock on with your Thunder, Thunder, Thunder Cats HOOOO shirt! I used to watch Thunder Cats, Voltron and transformers back when they were cartoons!
    Hang in there, things will settle down and you'll get back in the swing of things soon!