Saturday, July 3, 2010

Moving Torture Chamber

Another typical get off late from work, still have to get the kids and feed them nights. We're talking 8:00pm and we still have to make it home to get into jammies and hope I can brush their teeth. Of course, the great mom that I am, decides to go through one of my local drive thrus.

Hmm, which high fat, high calorie fast food joint to go to?

This time the kids and I go through a Wendy's. The kids will eat the same french fries and nuggets, regardless of which place I decide to tempt their culinary palates.

Mama: Can I get a 5 piece nugget and medium french fries, please?

Wendy's man: blah blah nuggets...static....french fries (sounding like the teacher from the Snoopy cartoons) Is there anything else?

Mama: No, that will be it. Thank you.

I pay, grab the bag, and drive off. I stick my hand into the bag to make sure the food isn't molten lava hot and hand the bag to Princess Ninja (the 3 year old).

Mama: Give your brother a nugget, please.

Princess Ninja: Wow, the nuggets are so red.

Mama: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Give your brother a nugget, he's hungry.

I assumed at this point, she gives Chubs a nugget. He is quiet and I can see the silhouette of him chewing from the rear view mirror. Finally, silence as we drive off into the sunset. Oh wait, the sunset hours ago. It's pitch dark now!

Ahh, one thing checked off the to-do list. Only a million more things to do before I can call it a night. At least, the kids are fed.

Princess Ninja: I don't want any of these nuggets!

Mama: Fine, just eat the french fries. (as I grab little carton of nuggets)

Chubs: (screaming bloody murder at the top of his lungs like someone attacked him)

Mama: What's wrong? (I'm trying to look in the rear view, turn my head. Anything to get a look to see what's causing this terrible sound)

I catch a glimpse of the nugget carton to see they were orangey-red. They gave me hot and spicy chicken nuggets!!!!

Mental note: The next time Princess Ninja makes a comment, pay attention!!!!

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  1. Ow...ouchie!

    I do this too. But, mostly to me.

    One time I got a cookies and cream milkshake when I ordered a caramel milkshake.

    AND it was my birthday.

    I cried for hours.

    Don't like cookies and cream. Blech.

    Did I mention it was my birthday?


    PS- KludgyMom sent me. :)

    -Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points