Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hello. Is this the police?

Is this the police?
Yes, I'd like to report an attempted murder.
The suspect was a female.
A little over 3 feet tall, approximately 3 years old, dark hair, brown eyes.
She was wearing a brown, long sleeve top with pink leggings.
Yes, I think it's the same person as last time.
This time she had an accomplice though.
He's a male.
It's hard to tell how tall he is. Maybe a little over 2 feet.
I think he was intoxicated. He was walking make that wobbling.
Drool everywhere.
Dark hair as well with brown eyes.
He had light pants on and a long sleeve top.
No, I don't recall the color of the top.
I just remember it was filthy and full of stains.
I think they are conspiring to kill me.


  1. Now that is really cute!! Following you from Mom Loop... hope you take a minute to check out my blog!


  2. Finally, I got to sit down and look at your blog! I like those cups! I just saw them at your BBB yesterday.....was considering buying, I really want them :) (btw, this is JK)

  3. Love this!! ;0) Tweeting it out for Tweet Me Tuesday!