Thursday, May 20, 2010

Maintaining highlights

A few years ago, I stopped getting highlights for my hair. I opted for a plain, low-maintenance one color hair...aka dark, dark brown/black. After the birth of my second child, there was very little time and money to spend on my hair. A typical day at the hairstylist for highlights and cut can be 3+ hours and $200+.

After months of contemplating and saving, I decided to treat myself at the hair salon. I decided it still had to be low-maintenance, but I wanted something to liven up my hair color. The lovely gal at the salon opted to give me rich caramel highlights on top of my semi-vampire hair color. The result was lovely.

Almost 3 months later, I'm still happy with the color. Granted my roots have come in, but the highlight to root ratio is acceptable. The main problem I usually had with highlights was that they became brassy in color...orangey. I explained this problem to my hairstylist. She recommended that I go to a beauty shop and purchase a color pigmented shampoo or conditioner. I took into account her suggestion, since she wasn't shoving products down my throat.

I drove to my local beauty salon shop and purchased Color Glow IQ by Goldwell in Cool Brown. I was shocked at how much I paid for it, but I wasn't going to let $200 worth of hair color/styling go down the drain in a few weeks.

It's managed to keep my caramel highlights from becoming orange. The 200 mL bottle cost me $20. I use it sparingly...2-3x a week. I concentrate the color on my roots since this is where I tend to get orange. I'm not entirely impressed on the conditioning part of this conditioner, but I purchased it for color staying power. To help compensate for the lack of conditioning, I apply my regular conditioner to just the tips.

I'm hoping I can get away from visiting the hair salon for another month or two. Let's see.

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