Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fair Day

We took our annual trip to the fair today. Before the day even started, I was expecting to have some turbulence to occur. Most of the time, it's my emotional 3 year old, Princess Ninja. Chubs, the 1 year old, is pretty mellow. As long as he's fed and entertained, he's a happy guy. Well my magic crystal ball made the wrong prediction. Princess Ninja gets an A for today. Chubs gets a D-. I'd give the guy a F if he wasn't my own flesh and blood and so darn cute.

Dada, Princess Ninja, & "D-" Chubs

Yes, Chubs gets a big fat D-. He wanted to have his own Fair Day without the family. He refused 9 out of 10 family activities. He refused to sit in his stroller. He wanted to explore on his own without even holding Mama or Dada's hand. He tried to escape out of all the rides except for a truck ride than went round and round. He was semi-good on the Ferris wheel. I did have to hold him down so he wouldn't fall out of the seat he was supposed to be sitting on. Also, he kept trying to reach outside the seat box. Can you say amputation?

More naughty stuff. Sticking hands in dirty canoe water.

Beautiful view on the Ferris Wheel. That's the ocean in the back.

Mama holding down Chubs

Princess Ninja on the other hand gets an A. She would have had an A+ if she would have taken the $1 toy I won for her. It was a smiling banana. I had to cough up $5 to win her a whale shark. Other than that, she met all safety precautions for riding the rides. She obeyed the simple command of getting in and out of her stroller as needed. There were no major tantrums other than not wanting a smiling banana.

pic of the whale shark that lost the A+ for her

Overall, it was a great family day, minus the fact that Chubs did not want to spend time with the family. I know this is the first of many attempts to try and ditch us, but I didn't expect it so early in life.

One of the other things I love, love, love about going to the fair, other than hanging out with the family, is the food. Fair food always intrigues me even though I know I won't eat it (I don't eat meat).

Everything is fried and/or on a stick! I've come to the conclusion if you can either fry it or put it on a stick, it's probably good! If you can fry it AND have it on a stick, it's golden! The newest creations this year was the fried Klondike bar, fried Pop Tarts, and fried butter.

Can you believe fried butter? Here's a picture of the stand. It's called the Heart Attack Cafe. I like the picture of the nurse with the defibrillator paddles.

deep fried butter stand plus other fried foods

closer pic of the stand

The Texas Tater Twisters intrigued me. It's a hot dog on a stick, wrapped in a spiral potato and fried. It's like eating a hot dog and chips without it being too messy. Fascinating!

what else can they fry and put on a stick?

I did get my hands on some Aussie chips. I have absolutely no clue what makes them Australian. The potatoes are cut chip style so you don't confuse it with the French fry. Let's not get the two countries mixed up. Do you think it's the decorative Australian flag they top it off with that makes them Australian? If there are any Australians out there, please let me know if you guys eat this in your country.

The Aussie chip plate is basically deep fried potatoes with your choice of toppings. You can either get ranch, cheese, sweet chili, and/or sour cream. I choose ranch and cheese. I ate 2 chips and was starting to feel my arteries clog.

I am a little upset I didn't get my hands on Funnel Cake on a stick and my yearly Cheesecake on a stick. The lines were too long and Chubs was already getting a D-. I didn't want to push for that F.

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