Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Movie Night: Eclipse & food

I've been planning this movie night for a few weeks now. My parents were going to watch the kids. Hubs was able to get the day off from work. Many thanks to LF who covered the last half of my mission at work. Manette, my sis, Hubs and I were going to watch an early premier of Eclipse.

For those of you who enjoy photography, Manette has a blog too.

To make a long story short, Hubs was not able to attend. I'm sure he was sooooo disappointed. None the less, I was going to go and hang out with the girls. Don't worry Hubs, I want to see it again. Guess who is going to take me?

I was the first to arrive approximately 2 hours before show time. The whole afternoon I was in constant communication with Manette and my sis. Nothing else was going to fall through. Hubs already took one for the team.

Of course, there was already a small group of people already in line. If I had to guess, I was probably the 10th person. If it was anything like last year, the line was getting wider and wider from people letting others cut in front of them. This year's movie premier was much more organized. Kudos to those that were involved in the planning of this.

Manette and I waited in line as my sis was bringing us food. Sis did not disappoint. Our first course was pizza. It's from a local pizza joint called Bronx. The pesto pizza is my favorite. You can buy pizza by the slice or the pie. They offer a variety of different toppings. The pizza is NY style. I've never lived in NY. The last time I was there was over a decade ago. I'm not sure how authentic this place is but it's delicious.

Eating pesto pizza in line

If the pizza wasn't enough, sis made it a complete meal by bringing in dessert. Cupcakes from Babycakes. My favorite cupcake from this place is there signature "babies'. It's marble cake with chocolate chips and cream cheese. Unfortunately, sis did not purchase these but brought my second favorite from this place....the red velvet.

Illegal cupcakes brought in using very large bag

One thing I don't enjoy about the red velvet from this place is the actual cupcake part. It's a little too dense in my opinion. The frosting makes up for it. The frosting is a yummy cream cheese base frosting that is creamy and not too sweet. Regardless, the cupcake made me happy.

My contribution was what the girls were calling a chocolate tampon. I handed these to the girls and both hesitantly took it from my hand. The white package speaks for itself. Let me tell you, I didn't hear them complaining once they opened up the package and took one bite of this delicious morsel.

Yummy tampon packaged wafers

Now to the actual movie, Twihards. It was great! The movies get better and better...just like the books. Of course, no Twilight movie would be complete without the crazy fans. There was the usual barbaric yells as the shirtless Jake appeared on the screen. There were some hot make out scenes that left the three of us a little tense and awkward due to the young, innocent eyes that were seated next to us. I think Hubs would even appreciate the action scenes...I'm speaking for him here. The humor between Edward and Jake was entertaining. Charlie Swan had some good lines that made everyone chuckle. The movie will not disappoint.

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