Monday, August 9, 2010

Blogging Brings Families Together by Absolutely Narcissism

I want you all to discover the wonderful world of Absolutely Narcissism. As a sample presentation, she's been gracious enough to do a guest post for me. Please read, enjoy, and check out what else she has to offer. 

 Blogging Brings Families Together

The kids have been home for six weeks.
That’s approximately 44 days...I’ve even broken it down into hours, minutes, and seconds, but I’ll spare you the tedium.

It’s funny because there seems to be a general consensus out there that mothers are not looking forward to their kids going back to school. Whenever I read various blogs about this mommy who is warning her faithful readers that she won’t be posting for a few days in order to enjoy the last few days with her children before they go back to school, I’m always left with this intense guilt. What is wrong with me that I WANT my kids back in school?
Like right fucken now.

I have spent these past six weeks inviting other children over to play with mine; taking my kids to the beach on sunny days; taking them to the movies on rainy days; encouraging them to play in the pool; going for bike rides; hiking; fishing.
I’ve been doing as much as I can to keep them out of the house, entertained, occupied, and off the computer, Xbox, Wii, Playstation, and iPod.
In the process, I have been consciously limiting my time checking my email, Facebook, twitter, and blog.

Finally this week, I just gave up. I’ve had it. It’s been cloudy yet humid. Not conducive to the beach. Too sticky for outdoor activities. Too broke for indoor activities.

And I’m tired. No. That’s not accurate – I’m exhausted.

So I’ve been plunked on the couch, laptop in my lap, television playing Toddlers in Tiaras in a continuous loop, and have basically not discouraged my kids from anything. Do want you want as long as it doesn’t require me to get up from this couch.
What I’ve discovered though, is that rather than remaining glued to the electronic devices, they have been gravitating towards me.  Why? Because I have been blog surfing for two days straight, having a terrific time, laughing, talking to myself, and commenting out loud.
My kids love it. I don’t think they ever seen me this jubilant.

They want to know what I’m reading. Why I’m laughing. Who I’m talking to.
And I’ve been telling them: “This woman is so funny. She just wrote that her baby pulled her diaper off, and rubbed poop all over the walls.”
Of course, not at all funny for the blogger in question. But it’s poop. My kids love poop. They love saying it. They love hearing about it. And they especially love the visual of it smeared all over crib bars and walls.

Of course the mother in me tries to make this experience a learning one. I’ve described to them certain sadder blogs in which mothers are fighting illnesses – theirs or their children’s, always ending with a “you should be grateful you are healthy and happy.”

But in general, we like the inappropriate blogs. We’re all about the fecal matter.


  1. Are you kiddin' me! 6.38 days until school starts back here. I am planning a bon-bon and bourbon back to school celebration. I hope to be plastered by 11 am!

  2. Kids do love poop, don't they! haha!

  3. Too funny! My daughter isn't in school yet- but I'll refer back to this piece when she is:)

  4. Just gave you a fun award - come check it out!

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  6. Why is it that children find poop, farting, burping... so darn hilarious? They have songs about poop that they like to run around the house singing. I am ready to kick my children to the curb for Mr. Bus Driver to take them off to the hollowed halls of learning! :)

  7. Teehee, my son's starting school & I'm a little sad but will probably be happy once I adjust. Also, poop is hilarious!

  8. Yes, it's much funnier when it happens to someone else. And don't feel guilty....most parents can't wait for their kids to go back to school.

  9. I almost had a total meltdown right before school started. I'd had enough & was ready to ship them off for the education system to deal with.
    With that said, I still cried on the first day.