Saturday, August 14, 2010

My 3 Day Weekend

If some of you read my last post, I have been in a state of blah lately. Yeah, my robot-zombie zone. The place where many tired, overworked parents go when they are just going through the motions of making it through the day.

The weekend isn't entirely over yet and I'm feeling like a totally new woman! I've finally come out of the funk I was in and actually feel like I'm human again. Human, meaning my new baseline since I've become a mother. Because, we all know you never quite feel like the same well rested person you used to be prior to having kids.

Last night, I attended a dinner that was being held for the volunteers of Fresh Start. For those that are unfamiliar with Fresh Start here is a little information that is on their website.
The organization threw us a wonderful Mardi Gras themed party. Although the food and entertainment was terrific, it was two of the guest that truly made my night. They were patients whose lives have been completely changed due to the Fresh Start. It was moving and humbling to see how volunteering can change an entire life! 

I'm feeling like Mama again. Like every great mother, I'm multi-tasking like a bad a**. For instance, I'm writing this post, cooking up lunch, and have the ingredients ready to make homemade Nutella poptarts from the Brown Eyed Baker. Laundry and bathroom sanitation is also on my agenda today. To top it off, the kids have been well behaved. In other words, the morning activities wore down the kids and they are currently napping. 

If this feeling continues, I might even have to MAKE the hubs cash in on his IOU card. :evil laugh and smirk:

To top it off, two, not just one, fellow blogger gave me the Foxy Mama Award. One was from Discovering the Me in Mommy and the other from TV's Take. Whooo Hoo!!! 

I hope everyone is having as great of a weekend as I am! 


  1. Happy Day!! I'm glad you kicked your funk to the curb. Happy moms make happy families!

    Congrats on the bloggy awards!!!


  2. Congrats! So glad your feeling human again...

  3. Congrats on your awards, and for shaking your funk!! AWesome!

    Now, about those nutella pop tarts...I bet my kid would love those!

  4. What an awesome org. To be part of! Glad you are feeling better.