Sunday, August 29, 2010

Signs & Symbols

I'm no Handy Manny. I'll be the first to admit that. I leave it to my husband to handle all things that require fixing. As far as car maintenance, I can do the very basics. I can put gas in the tank. I know how to check my tire pressure and put air in the tires, if needed. I know the basic concept of changing a tire, although I've never physically done it before. I also know signs and signals.
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oil change/low oil. Something to do with the oil that needs to be taken care of.
"Honey, I think there's something wrong with the car's oil"

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I better get some gas or I wonder how far I can go before the car stops running.

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Somone's pissed off at me.
"Right back at you!"

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But what in the world is this? 

Yeah, that explanation point in the middle of a cauldron. Does it mean somethings cooking and I better remember to remove it from my fire pit?

It's obviously something important because the manufacturer decided to use an "!" In other words, I better do something about this problem. If I only knew what the car was trying to tell me.

It turns out one of my tires had a small hole that was causing my tire pressure to fall. In other words, the symbol above is telling me I have a flat tire?

Really? There wasn't something they could have used to make it a little more obvious. 


  1. Ha! I was about to tell you that one because I actually knew it from my own car!

    I'm totally with you though - worst symbol ever!

  2. I am so with you on that one...what a useless symbol. And it induces panic because you don't know what it is!

  3. Actually, that's how my spare tire looks. Even right down to the exclamation mark.