Thursday, August 5, 2010

MacGyver Parents

Am I totally aging myself if I do a post that refers to MacGyver?

For those of you youngins, MacGyver was a show back in the 80s. I was fascinated by the show. It was basically about this guy, MacGyver, who was a secret agent. He'd go on all these special missions. The guy could escape anything and anyone using a few random things and his Swiss Army knife. He'd be able to make a bomb to get himself out of a bulletproof, soundproof safe by using ear wax and pocket lint. He'd be able to whip up a compass using a pencil and rubber band, so he could find his way back to the drop-off point. The guy was a genius. The guy was awesome!

Somewhere along our evolution as human beings, we were blessed with the MacGyver gene. Granted, this gene does not automatically turn on once a child is ripped from a women's body and the umbilical cord cut off. The gene remains dormant. It's buried deep in our chromosomes and one day emerges.

How else could you explain how we are able to entertain our children using Tupperware and a couple pencils? Voila, a drum set. Grab that mixing spoon and you have yourself a mic.

Who else turn couch cushions into a fort or castle?

The MacGyver parent can turn an empty box into a boat. The laundry basket into a rocket ship.

Like I said before, MacGyver was awesome, but once the MacGyver gene kicks in, a parent is a hero!


  1. Like it! And so true! MacGyver was awesome back then, hold on, this makes me feel really old now. Oh well, great post! :-)

  2. I love it! I so want to be a MacGyver parent... I still remember playing in the backyard for hours in a refrigerator box my dad had rigged up for my brother and I!

  3. Thank you so much for checking in on me! I'm back to the blogland. :)

    Your children are so lucky to have a MacGyver mom!

  4. Not to mention that MacGyver was cute :) Nice post :)

  5. Parenthoos takes resourcefulness to a whole new level doesn't it! Love the post, so very true. I am more like a MacGruber parent myself.

  6. Oy, parenthood...not parenthoos, whatever that is.

  7. Well first, you're not old to reference MacGyver. Because if you are, then I am too - and let's just not discuss this.
    I do similar stuff w/ the boys - pillow jumping on a snowy day, tupperware rock have to change it up! Nice Work

  8. Love MacGyver, and not this isn't an outdated reference. He is a legend now!
    Thanks for bringing back some fun memories!

    Sorry I could not enter my URL profile... In case you don't remember me, we "met" at my blog
    Take care!