Friday, June 18, 2010

The Brady Bunch House...nixed!

As I was growing up (circa in my 20s), I envisioned what type of life I would have in the future. It seemed pretty typical. I wanted to find the man of my dreams and marry him, have a couple of kids, a nice job, and a lovely home. I did grow up watching the Brady Bunch, so you can only imagine what was going on in my mind.....that happily ever la la....birds singing....sun shining....blah blah blah.

Well, I think my vision lacked a lot of details. A LOT of details. Some how the powers-that-be took the wheel of life and drove me straight to my dreams. Granted the trip isn't a smooth one and the journey is still on going.

I was lucky enough to find the man I would fall in love with and marry. He definitely didn't come riding in on a horse to sweep me away from my evil step-mother (okay, I grew up on Disney movies too). He isn't Mr. Brady. Yes, Mr. Brady had a lot of good qualities, but he is not the man I would marry. Hubs is hubs. I love him. I realize marriage and our relationship is an ongoing entity. It's not to be taken for granted and it definitely isn't something you put on autopilot.

Then there are the kids! Oh those kids! I love them to death. It isn't until you become a mother that you realize you are never the same person. I never would have imagined motherhood to be this way. You will never be the same well rested individual. There are so many things to worry about and so many things to treasure.

Growing up, I envisioned this wonderful, huge, 2 story house, backyard large enough for tea parties and BBQs, and a beautifully landscaped front yard to show off the Christmas decor (imagine National Lampoon). I guess Brady Bunch-esque.

The Brady house was large enough for 6 kids, Mr and Mrs Brady, Alice, and Tiger (let's not forget the dog). If I recall, Mr. Brady was an architect. I think Mrs. Brady was a stay-at-home mom.

Realty hits and the mortgage payment on such a Brady-like lifestyle is a pretty penny. It's probably closer to a pretty dollar here in Southern California.

I love my job (granted I do have those days where I leave work and thank the heavens the day is over). I spend many, many, many hours working. I'm grateful I have a job (it's rough times right now), yet alone, to have a job I enjoy doing. We are definitely a two income household. The more Hubs and I have to work, the less time we get to spend with the kids. (Duh, right?)

Hubs and I had one of those deep conversations about our life and our family. What did we truly want? We wanted to focus on what we felt was important and what we could do to obtain this. At the end of it all, we decided the Brady Bunch house wasn't worth it. It's a house, not a home. At least, not OUR home.

We wanted to spend time with our kids and to enjoy life. We wanted a location where we could provide the kids a strong sense of family and to surround them with those that share the same vision.

Now, the vision I once had in my 20s has been tweaked. The Brady house no longer exist. What does exist is the home Hubs and I are providing for our kids. A home where we can have small BBQs/parties that will provide wonderful memories. A home where we can hang some Christmas decor but will be filled with happiness on the inside. A home full of love where we can actually spend time in!

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