Monday, June 21, 2010

Tiffany Blue Pandora's Box

How would I describe my life?

I like to think of it as a beautiful, Tiffany blue, Pandora's box complete with that silky smooth, white ribbon wrapped around it. Oooolala!!!

Now, now! No one go summa cum laude, Harvard grad, ivy league, top of my class in Greek mythology on me. This is just a metaphor. Work with me people!

We all know and love it! That lovely Tiffany blue box, complete with that semi-shiny, silky white ribbon. Just the sight of it given to anyone of us would increase our heart rate two-fold. I love that shade so much, it was the color of my wedding cake.

That's probably how I would describe my life. I love it! I look at the life that Hubs and I have built together and it brings a smile upon my face. I look at the kids and the sheer joy sends a warmth of love upon myself. The feeling is beyond words itself.

Then there's the Pandora's box metaphor that comes into play. No, my life box isn't filled with the evils of the world. It is filled with so many other thing, but I wouldn't describe them as evil. It's just the everyday concerns of life. Sometimes, I feel like there's so much to worry about and so many things going on. I wonder if that silky white ribbon holding everything together is going to last another day.

There's the minor stuff, for instance, what am I going to pack for lunch tomorrow, will I ever get that laundry room organized, etc. Yeah, something to think about, but it's nothing to really lose sleep over. Even these minor worries can accumulate and can cause some havoc in ones life.

Then there's the major stuff, for instance, is there enough money in our bank account to pay for that bill, hopefully we find a bone marrow compatible for Uncle L, etc. Things that will keep you tossing and turning through the night. They are so beyond my control.

Then there's deeper stuff, for instance, did I really have to get mad at Princess Ninja over that, am I spending enough time with Chubs, am I being a good mom and wife, etc. These are thoughts that I often reflect upon. Things that I can make a conscious effort to improve.

Some how, some way that semi-shiny, silky smooth white ribbon seems to always manage to hold everything in place. There are moments when all the worries of the world seem to be busting out of my box. The perfectly shaped Tiffany box is becoming dysmorphic and the lid is barely on.

Life has a way of working itself out. It doesn't always work out the way we want it to or the way we expect it to. I've learned to take a deep breath, step back, and enjoy the beautiful, Tiffany blue, Pandora's box that I call my life. Of course, it wouldn't be complete without the white ribbon holding it all together by a lovely bow.

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  1. I like how fulfilled you seem to be with life. I mean, there are still a lot of concerns to deal with but everybody has their own share. And that white ribbon is all you have to keep everything in place. Just think, maybe it's you who's helping keep everyone else's lives running smoothly too! That's quite an achievement. Happy you see life that way. We all should. :)

    You compare your life with a nice Tiffany box, I often find myself using shopping and shoe metaphors. :)