Friday, June 25, 2010

Crazy Morning

My job requires me to start at various hours of the day. When I say various, I mean various. I can be on-call 24/7 on some days/nights. For the most, the main part of my profession, I usually can start somewhere between 7:00AM-9:30AM. Of course, this high demand on me isn't the easiest for my family life. Some days, I can leave before the kids wake up and come home when they're already asleep or just about to. Sniff....I hate those days!

I don't mean to sound FBI, CIA, I love Chuck, but I can't go into any more details. My job involves a lot of privacy, life and death situations, if I told you someone would kill me or you stuff.

I love starting early. AKA before the kids wake up. Yes, it's hard waking always is. If I can get an early start time, I can get ready, sit down to eat breakfast, and enjoy a cup of Joe (or two). It's my one moment of me time before the chaos of the day starts.

Today was not the case. I had a late start time. The kids woke me up before my alarm clock did. Once the kids get up, the day is in full swing....ready or not. As best I could, I try to get them situated with their breakfast and the tv. Yes, more often than not, I use the tv as a babysitter. I try to buy myself time, so I can get ready for work.

I had a bad mama moment. For breakfast, the kids had brownies, cookies, and milk (the one healthy part). I really didn't have time or the energy to argue with them. The bowl of cereal I initially prepared was thrown on the ground by Chubs (the 1 year old). Princess Ninja (who is 3 years old) kept carrying around the little baggy full of brownies and insisted that I open it. I'm definitely not proud of this no-no.

As best I could, I tried to shovel cereal and a banana into my mouth. At the same time, I have the 3 year old sitting on my lap and the 1 year old clawing on my leg. Right before I run out the door, I inhale a cup of coffee.

I hate mornings like these. I'm running around like a crazy woman trying to get everything ready. The kids are crying for my attention and someone usually has to peel them off of my body, so I can leave for work. During the car ride to work, I try to not feel guilty and take some deep breaths to try and relax myself. To top it all off, I'm probably going 25 mph because of all the traffic. By the time I pull into my parking spot at work, I'm exhausted and stressed. My 10-12+ hour work day has yet to even start. I'm begging Calgon to take me away!

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