Monday, June 14, 2010

My 1st Pregnancy

As I write this blog, I can see my 3 year old playing quietly out of the corner of my eye. First of all, she never really plays quietly to herself. Second, I have a 3 year old!

Hubs and I have been married for almost 4 years when we started thinking about having a child. We had our little home and our careers going. On top of that, I was mid-way into my 29th year of life. We all know what comes after 29....the big 3-0.

I think, like most women, perhaps not all, the big 3-0 usually means something big. Honestly, I was just ready to start our family. Well sort of kind of ready. There was a piece of me that couldn't put the biological clock on snooze any longer. There was a piece of me that was nervous and uncertain.

In the back of my mind, I knew the freshness seal on my eggs was no longer a brand spanking new "Fresh" sign. It was starting to fade and the "Fresh" was becoming more of a "Fres". The "h" barely legible.

But, Hubs and I were ready to try. We just knew it was the right time for us.

About a month later, after making that life changing decision, my monthly visitor decided not to show up. I remember hurrying to the store to buy a pregnancy kit. I actually bought a few different ones. I was so excited to pee on that little stick. I read the instructions a few times. I laid the stick on the bathroom counter just right. I stared at that little window. I waited in anticipation as the double lines slowly appeared on one kit. One kit had a "+" sign. Yet another kit said, "Pregnant". I literally bought every type of kit possible. Just in case I couldn't read two lines, a plus sign or the word pregnant.

Yay, we were pregnant!!!!! I was sooooo excited!

I had one of those pregnancy books that would tell you what to expect at each month. I would read each monthly section as I would approach it. I made sure I didn't skip prematurely to the next month. Some of my books had little pictures of what my little peanut looked like. Each month, the picture changed into something less alien-like and more human-like.

With all that excitement, there was an equal amount of worry. So many things could go wrong. Chromosomes and cells had to split just right. A little bit of this and not too much of that had to be exact. You can't have any alcohol, increase your calcium, remember to take your prenatal vitamins, etc.

It's wonderful how a simple conversation.
Mama: What do you think about having kids?
Hubs: Sure.

Turned into the little girl that's playing quietly with her Legos! Amazing!!!!!


  1. Aww what a beautiful post! :)

  2. very nice post. Pregnancy = Most wonderful moment for me.